What would you create if you knew that your contribution would change the world forever?

I am Daniel, The Provocative Intuitive.


Friend. Lover. Student of life.

Intuitive Healer + Transformational Speaker


My purpose is leading you toward living your best life by weaving through the subconscious mind and navigating the vibrational universe; Facilitating personal growth and expansion into becoming one with every atom and molecule in the universe of creation. 


Are you ready to LIVE ALIVE?

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“Be Provocative. 

live your Truth”

Daniel Tuttle

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how can we help?

  • ThetaHealing® is a powerful healing technique that is used in...

    1 hr

    251 US dollars
  • Did you know that there are 32 access points in the brain?

    45 min

    151 US dollars
  • An extraordinary journey into witnessing your past lives...

    4 hr

    1,111 US dollars
  • Connect with your team to inspire in them their highest potential...

    1 hr

    Rates Vary


Are you ready to jump into a new reality? 

Fast Track


Are you looking for the Fast Track to transform your life?

This deep immersive program will not only transform your life from the inside out, but equip you with the tools you need to to being your own healer and formulate your own connection to the universe. 

6 weeks program




Through the art of Drama (Acting) Daniel has created an exciting technique to help children heal trauma and transform limitations in their lives.

This process is done by helping them connect with their emotions through an improvisational, character driven performance.

10 sessions program




DIG DEEPER (October)
Mon, Oct 19
Oct 19, 7:00 PM EDT – Oct 21, 11:30 PM EDT
Dig Deeper empowers you with the tools and techniques needed to uncover and understand where behaviors and blocking belief systems first took root.
Manifesting & Abundance (Private)
Sat, Oct 31
Zoom Video Conferencing
Oct 31, 10:00 AM EDT – Nov 01, 3:00 PM EST
Zoom Video Conferencing
What if you could witness all of your dreams manifest in front of you?




ThetaHealer & Instructor

This amazing man has provided me with several readings and healings that were so deep and powerful. Difficulties and burdens were released, and relationships were improved. I feel the difference! 

R. Giacobbe

Corporate, Pfizer

Daniel is an authentic and compassionate healer and soul. My healing sessions with him have cleared limiting beliefs, shed light on my fears and given me strength to embrace them. He is truly incredible and has my highest recommendation.


M. Mor

Daniel Tuttle is a colleague of mine who I have known for many years. He is a warm and calming presence. He inspires. He teaches. He is caring. He is intuitive. Be prepared to go on a wonderful journey with him by your side.


Through the lens of Daniel


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