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What is negativity exactly? This is a word we hear thrown around a lot in self-help or spiritual communities. In my awareness, what most people are calling negativity is ANYTHING that we attach a judgment to, you may have also decided it's "Right" "Wrong" "Good" or "Bad".

What if "Negativity" is just a Point of View that is as THICK as humidity in the middle of a hot Florida Summer?

What if there were also particular astrological influences that contributed to heaviness? For example, water sign months (Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces) tend to be super sensitive and emotional times when we feel EVERYTHING from those around us. Earth (Capricorn, Taurus, Virgo) sign months can awaken a lot of the energy of control within us. It doesn't matter if you are born under these influences or even have them in major placements in your chart, under the influence of these energies as guided by the sun and the moon, you are destined to feel them.

Understandably It's not uncommon, especially in recent astrological influences of late, to tend to fixate on what is wrong, what is not going well, and what is causing us pain or discomfort.

Ask yourself "Is focusing on these things Heavy for me?"

FACTS: What feels heavy in our lives is a lie!!!! If something weighs us down, holds us back, Simply put ... it is not our truth!

FACTS: What is LIGHT in your life, or that which is fun, exciting, inspiring, guiding, and full of possibility is TRUE for you!

Confused? Thought you had to suffer through life in order to "Make the best of it"?


Each of us has a unique energetic awareness of our experiences and what is going on around us. What may feel heavy for one person may be light for another.

For example, there actually may be those who enjoy that hot summer Florida humidity! and ... THAT might be LIGHT for them. Good for them! Now focus on you.

Because we are operating from different vibrational awarenesses, it is essential to avoid categorizing things as good or bad, right or wrong, and to refrain from the judgmental conclusions that lock those things into place. These judgments only keep us stuck in old patterns and beliefs which actually prevent us from seeing what is actually "light" in our lives.

Can't figure out how to make something light? Just ask

"What would make this light for me?"

I recently had a conversation with a dear friend and colleague. Like me, this magical being is always traveling around the world, taking her special sauce of consciousness everywhere she goes. Recently, she expressed her dis-ease as some of her classes for the fall have started to take a different form, with promises and commitments that were made by organizers shifting in a different direction. As I listened to her, In that moment, I shared something that I know did not come from me but was divinely inspired.

"What if you created everything yourself?" I said. (Light for ME!)

"Oh no, we can't do that. We MUST have a host!" She responded (Heavy for HER!)

Only we can make our experiences light and joyful. Nobody can tell us what is light in our lives. Only you can know that. It is crucial to focus on what brings us happiness and joy. Always. All the time. The more energy we put into cultivating lightness in our lives, the more we will see it reflected back at us.

Reflection of The Big Buddha in Phuket.
"Big Buddha of Phuket"

True enlightenment does not come from isolating ourselves on mountaintops and praying for the chaos and suffering of the world to disappear. We become enlightened by being present in our environment, by following our joy, gratitude, and appreciation, by witnessing the happiness of others, and by acknowledging the results of the magic we have contributed to change in the world and inspiring others to follow their light.

If you are reading this, whether in the past, present, or future, I invite you to join me in "The Daily Download." The Daily Download is a daily healing meditation practice that I created in 2021. Every day we dedicate 15 minutes to a dose of consciousness for the day, followed by a Thetahealing®️ Meditation. This technique, created by Vianna Stibal, invites us to change our reality by transforming our subconscious beliefs. Our subconscious mind drives our conscious thoughts, and as we change our beliefs, everything around us can change.

Today, let us focus on embracing the light in our lives. Let us release the heaviness and negativity that may be holding us back. By shifting our consciousness and focusing on joy and happiness, we can create a reality filled with light and abundance. Remember, nobody can make our life experience light except for ourselves. So, let us choose to be the creators of our own light and share it with the world. Together, we can achieve true enlightenment.

To join THE DAILY DOWNLOAD live every day go HERE at 8:45 am EST to join us on ZOOM

or Join our Facebook Page The Provocative Intuitive where the meditation is broadcast live.

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