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Answers to your questions about Access Bars®

If you have spent any time following The Provocative Intuitive over the past year, chances are you have heard the words “How does it get any better than this?” often. Heck, you may have even made the mistake of trying to answer that question and been shut down quickly. The question is one to the universe that we allow it to answer for us by showing us in fact how better it can get. It’s a beautiful and extremely effective practice to adapt and it is one of many questions that Access Consciousness® encourages us all to ask.

However, if you were anything like me, you were probably asking yourself what the heck is Access Consciousness®? It was a question that I was dying to figure out. As my awareness of Access Consciousness began to grow, I began to notice that more and more people who had experienced Access began appearing in my life. I began to investigate what this modality was to each person. The answers all varied. I had heard that “It included everything and has you questioning everything”. I also heard that “It is the key to unlocking infinite possibility into your life”, and “It removes all judgment and allows you to perceive life from a state of pure consciousness.” Okay, Great! What does that mean? Is that something I want in my life? The answer is YES! Yes, you do!

I had a long list of reasons why I wasn’t going to take Access courses: they were expensive; I didn’t fully understand it; how it would benefit my life?; I had already gone full in on Theta Healing® and it worked for me so why do I need another modality? Despite all the reasons, curiosity won out and I decided to take Access Bars® this past summer. The following is my honest experience of the class that I wanted to share in the event that you too are considering experiencing Access and are desiring a bit more perspective before taking the plunge.

As I previously stated, I took Access Bars® online with my husband this past summer. This is typically an in-person class because it requires two people to perform the body process it is teaching. However, if you have someone else who is also taking the class and they can be in the same room with you as you take it, you can choose to do the class online. I was in Florida and the class was in New York, so I convinced my husband to take the plunge with me. He had no idea what he was getting into and to be honest, neither did I. I knew it was a body process and I knew that this was the gateway course to almost everything Access, so we took it. They introduced what Access Consciousness was and some terminology frequently used within the modality. Honestly, it all went over my head. I was receiving a lot of energy from all the instructions, but I couldn’t quite get my mind to focus on what was being said. I was told that was a good thing and not to fight against that, so I didn’t. I allowed it to be what it was. The Bars body process was bizarre. There were charts with all these points that each meant something and you merely had to place your fingers and parts of your hand on the various points and just hold it there. What was that supposed to accomplish? Certainly, there had to be more, right? That wasn’t it? I was told to let go of all judgment and just allow myself to experience it, which I reluctantly did. I first ran bars on my husband. I followed the instructions carefully and I watched as my husband (who always tensed during massages and such) relaxed all the way down into a deep sleep. My first reaction was to get mad that he chose to fall asleep during this class. However, I had to remind myself not to hold judgment and I begrudgingly let it go.

"I was told to let go of all judgment and just allow myself to experience it."

Then, it was my turn. I laid down and my body naturally tensed with anxiety and judgment. What if it didn’t work on me? What if my husband does it wrong, what if I was broken? I was tense and stiff and tried so hard to clear my mind of all the noise, but I couldn’t. I took a few deep breaths and closed my eyes as I felt my husband lay his hands upon my head.

I wish I could explain what happened during the next part of that class, but I can’t. I was awake, but I felt like I had no control over my limbs. I went from a ball of tightly wound stress and anxiety to a puddle of mush. Everything melted away. It was pulled off me in waves. There were certain placements on my head that almost brought tears to my eyes because it felt so freeing and so good. It was like an intense therapy session that culminated in a cathartic release, but with no words. I honestly didn’t want it to end. When the process was over, I immediately wanted it run again. I felt so free. I allowed myself a few minutes just to be with this feeling and sensation that washed over me without trying to understand it or judge it in any way. I allowed myself to float on this cloud. As thoughts slowly began to trickle in, I understood why my husband had drifted off to sleep because for a few moments I had as well. It was the most natural thing ever.

At the conclusion of the course, I was left in a bit of a daze. I knew something profound had just happened, but I honestly wasn’t sure what it was. My energy was different, I was acutely aware of that, but my being felt both light and deeply grounded at the same time. I experienced a deeper awareness of who I was and, at the same time, I couldn’t focus or analyze that awareness. I didn’t even really want to. This was different for me because my brain had always wanted to analyze everything. Instead, I was in a state of allowing myself to be and it felt incredible.

After the class, several people had asked me what the class was like and I had no idea what to tell them. It felt impossible to describe. I felt at home within my body. I felt deliciously empty. I felt at ease on a cellular level. Even saying all those things feels short. I was not sure what I was supposed to do with this tool until my husband came home from work one day. He was stressed. I am talking about the stress that you could see roll off in waves from his body. He had a headache and just wanted to lay down and do nothing. I saw him and immediately wanted to offer him some relief from what he was experiencing, so I suggested that I run his bars. As I did, I saw my husband begin to relax immediately. I saw his mind quiet, I saw his body posture change, and I saw a look of serenity across his face. By the time I was done, he felt so much better and was filled with gratitude. I recall feeling that the experience was such a beautiful act of intimacy and love. I was happy I was able to share that with him. Since that time, we run bars on each other and on when we need it. It is my intention to make it an even more regular practice because it truly helps so much.

"I went from a ball of tightly wound stress and anxiety to a puddle of mush. Everything melted away. It was pulled off me in waves. I felt at home within my body. I felt deliciously empty. I felt at ease on a cellular level."

So, what is Access Bars®? I can say what it is for me. For me, Access Bars is a body process that allows for my body and my energy to release everything that constrains me and opens me up fully and completely to the space and freedom to create. How delicious is that? I am Harold and a Purple Crayon and a blank page. How can it get any better than that? What else is possible?

If Access Bars® is an experience you would like to try, learn, and maybe implement into your day-to-day life or practice, I urge you to just go ahead and do it HERE. If you have a significant other or a close friend, I would recommend that this is an experience you do together. One of the greatest gifts you can give yourself and each other is the opportunity to have your bars run at any time by someone.

The Provocative Intuitive has amazing programs and classes offered to truly enrich your life and overall state of being. You can join us each morning at 8:45 am EST for Guided Meditations and Daily Downloads. It’s a powerful way to set an intention to your day, harness the energies of the universe, and deepen your spiritual growth. If you feel called to learn or expand your practice of this modality in your life, I would encourage you to take the Basic ThetaHealing course. You can also book a ThetaHealing one-to-one therapy session to work on limiting beliefs.

If you are looking to take your current training to the next level and truly discover who you are as a healer, I personally offer a ThetaHealing Mentorship program. For more information, you can email me at:

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