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This past May I was in Puerto Vallarta for an Access Consciousness “Global Foundation Class”. Truthfully, “The Foundation”, is beyond being just a class. It’s more like an earthquake that shatters your reality into creating something entirely new in your life. It’s four days of tools and transformation that leave your head spinning in what I could only compare to the ecstasy of the whirling dervishes of the Sufi Order I used to see when I was living in Istanbul, Turkey.

It wasn’t my first thought. In fact, the first time I had the “Foundation Earthquake” happen in my life, everything changed … like on an 8.0 Richter scale. My relationship with one of my best friends broke down so intensely that nearly a month and a half later when we reconnected, we saw a new beauty in our purpose and path together and our relationship grew stronger than ever before. In that awareness, we also realized that we were mirroring each other nearly verbatim, and always had been.

We now ask “How can we use that gift to create an impact in the world?” and the opportunities show up.

I also had an unusual financial occurrence happen to me during that time too. What I could only describe (in that previous version of myself) as “miraculous and out of the blue” my business suddenly increased and demanded more of my being, the very essence of why I started it in the first place. That tsunami of opportunity only continues to this day.

With all that prior experience I was anticipating something groundbreaking to occur in my life after the “Foundation Earthquake” of Puerto Vallarta in May. What occurred, however, was something very special that I hadn’t really stopped to see the aftershocks of until now.

In that class, I was reunited with a young man who I have known for nearly his entire life. Reconnecting in this arena was miraculous, given our previous religious affiliations, but to witness the incredible growth of this gentlemen’s soul to become MY teacher? Well, that was new terrain I wasn’t prepared for.

At weeks end, when the class was over and his mom and sister had gone back to New York, we started to hang out together. We would talk about life, about each of our own individual paths that had led us here, about what inspires and excites us, and what fulfills us.

“How is your business going, how did you start it?” He asked me.

“It was a completely organic process that began with an action I made to offer my gifts to someone in need. That offer multiplied with word of mouth and like a wildfire, it took on a life of its own” I explained.

“Are you working with kids and teens?” He responded, referencing one of my previous roles as a “Spirituality for Kids” teacher – a role he knew me quite well in.

“I do see some teens and I have a few children in my book, but it’s not my main demographic”

“What would you say your main demographic is?” He continued asking.

“I would say about 99% women, 30 – 65”<