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Are you ready to live alive?

  • Awaken

    Every month
    What if you had true support in living your dreams?
     30 day free trial
    • This package includes:
    • ✔️ Monthly New Moon Manifestations
    • ✔️ Monthly Full Moon Activations
    • ✔️ Access to Members-Only Private Facebook Group
  • Aspire

    Every month
    Are you ready to Live Alive and Thrive?
    • This package includes:
    • ✔️ "The Daily Download" Daily Live Meditation with Daniel
    • ✔️ Monthly New and Full Moon Activation Meditations
    • ✔️ Access to Members-Only Private Facebook Group

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What we know to be true, is that you have been looking for more in your life. That is why you have been drawn here. 

What is possible that you never knew was possible before? 

As you begin to play with the energies available in the universe, you see how magically they all can contribute to your life. 

How do we do that?

By harnessing awareness through ongoing guided meditation and regular check-ins with your inner being. 

New to meditation, the world of energy, or consciousness? No problem. We've got you covered. 

As a member at any level you will be given access to a private Facebook page that will connect you with others in the community where you will be able to ask questions, offer insights and  connect with others around the world 24/7!

Would you like to know that you area supported and worthy of  in every area of your life?



Drucker_201210_Daniel_LiveAlive_ 483.jpg

What if you knew you were never alone on your journey?

What if being open to allowance of everything in your life, instead of judging everything was the key to total freedom, success and abundance that you have been asking for?

If you said "I AM" then this is the plan for you. In addition to receiving all the offerings of the "Awaken" Plan you will have access to Daniel's highly successful program "The Daily Download". The Daily Download is a 15minute LIVE meditation that happens every morning on ZOOM at 8:45am EST. 

During this session, Daniel taps into the energy of the group and the energy of the day and accesses "Downloads" for all. 

What are Downloads? 

Downloads are energies pulled from the universe that contain specific elements, including new awareness, beliefs and experiences that are received into the subconscious mind in an effort to shift our physical reality immediately. This includes all areas of our lives including, body, mind, business, relationship and so much more. 

Would you like to know what it feels like to know that you are worthy of so much greater in your life? 

(Say "Yes" and you will experience a Download!) 



Drucker_201210_Daniel_LiveAlive_ 536_edited.jpg

What does commitment mean to you?

What are you committed to? 

What excites you and inspires you?

What would you like to change that you don't even know you'd like to change that if you did change would EXPONENTIALIZE your life forever? 

Now you are ready. 

With this plan you will receive all the benefits of the AWAKEN, ACTIVATE Plans PLUS you will have 3 one-on-one healing sessions with Daniel monthly. 

This plan is by invitation only from Daniel and a minimum three month commitment is required and space is limited.  

To see if you are eligible for this plan please contact:

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