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What if

Waiting for the shoe to drop?

When things are going well in your life, do you tell yourself things like 

“Enjoy it now, because it won’t last forever?”

As if somehow when things are happening for you, that they have to come to an end. Usually abruptly? 

Why is that? What experience is that based upon. Is it your own? Or is it generational from a time when living in that expectation allowed you to protect yourself, or better yet make sure you are “saved for a rainy day?”

I’ve got news for you. 

Dance in the rain. Or get an umbrella. This consciousness is a perpetual drill in our subconscious that inevitably creates the reality that it will end. 

Your joy, your success, your moment of bliss, will end. 

“Don’t get too comfortable, you don’t want to let down your guard?”

What are you guarding and how do you anticipate that it’s going to ultimately save you? It won’t Having something to fall back on, creates the comfy king sized bed that says “I am here when you fall”

But why fall at all? 

What would happen, if say … your success just continued to grow? What if your moment of bliss lasted an eternity? 

It’s an oft-fucked old program we have been telling ourselves our whole lives, those 

“WHAT IF’s …. “

What if I fail?

What if nobody watches my video’s?

What if nobody hires me for a job?

What if I go on that blind date and he’s fucking nuts?

What if … There’s another recession?


Notice a pattern here? All these “What if’s”… are really shitty… 

Consider this … 

What if … 

You succeed. 

Your videos go viral overnight.

One more interview is the dream job you’ve been waiting for.

What if that person you are going on that blind date with is your soulmate? Or your new best friend?

What if the economy soars and you’re in the center of its rise at your new dream job?

What if he is re-elected and it’s the one thing America needed to wake up and take responsibility for ourselves and the world around us?

What if we were all conscious and coming from the right place going into the election, and he was not elected again?

How does it get any better than that?

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